Inspirational Global Outreach’s purpose is to help those who are struggling with such matters as addiction, emotional and/or mental struggles, feelings of depression and loneliness, and even thoughts of suicide. Our objective is to also help those who know others that are struggling, helping them to realize they can make a difference in these individuals lives by showing their concern and compassion. Every individual has the power to make a difference in the lives around them. Our approach will utilize multiple avenues to reach these objectives and will use every person and connection available to us to further our goals and outreach.

We at Global Inspirational Outreach have a passion to also support our active Military men and women and their families as they deal with the challenges of being separated from their family and loved ones for extended periods of time. We also endeavor to help our Veterans and their families as they go through many of the physical, mental, emotional, and financial challenges of acclimating back into civilian and family life. We seek to provide them with the support needed as they deal with many different struggles such as PTSD. We also want to honor our fallen soldiers and their surviving families by giving them the honor and respect that they deserve.

We will be doing motivational speaking engagements in such places as schools, churches, corporations, seminars, and camps; as well as any other opportunities that arise to make an impact as our sphere of influence expands. We will be helping the needy and less fortunate around the world with their physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and all other needs that we are able to.